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ABB Inverters - ACS55

ABB Micro Drives

ABB ACS55 Micro Drives

Even your smallest motors can enjoy the daily dependability, reliability and performance of our drive technology. Micro drives can be conveniently tuned to your business needs with precise speed control and simple integration. Add compact efficiency, convenient global service and expertise, and you have everything you need to add big benefits to your small motors.

Ensure speed and control features in a variety of your low power applications such as automatic gate, solar trackers, treadmills and whirlpool baths. So easy to set up and commission, the design focus of the ACS55 is on easy integration into machines, with flexible mounting alternatives. The DriveConfig kit option allows set up without a power connection to the drive. It’s also ready to go for commercial and domestic environments.

The drives are compact and slim. Several mounting methods like DIN rail mounting make it easy to fit the drives into a variety of cabinet designs. The drive is programmed by switches and potentiometers. More advanced programming is possible via a DriveConfig kit PC tool. The drives work with single phase power and are suitable for domestic environments.

  • Power range 0.18 to 2.2 kW/0.25 to 3 Hp
  • IP20 enclosure (UL open)
  • Scalar control
  • For basic machinery applications
  • Suitable for domestic networks as standard
  • Parameter setting by switches or by PC software
  • Built-in EMC filter for 1st environment

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    1. Inverters

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    Frame Size A Frame Size B Frame Size C
    Nominal Ratings 1.4 A
    0.18 kW
    1/4 HP
    2.2 A
    0.37 kW
    1/2 HP
    4.3 A
    0.75 kW
    1 HP
    7.6 A
    1.5 kW
    2 HP
    9.8 A
    2.2 kW
    3 HP
    EMC filter built-in EMC filter built-in EMC filter built-in EMC filter built-in EMC filter built-in
    110 - 120 V ACS55-01N-01A4-1
    - - - - - -
    200 - 240 V ACS55-01N-01A4-2

    2. Documentation

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    ABB ACS55 Drives Catalogue